Another quality bad taste item as we leave 2014 with WestAir*

The Commodore & his mistress, Lulu Roberts, couldn’t settle on an airline to take them to Portland so we decided to build our own proper one, the way they used to be, only better.
Ah, the heady days of the Jet Set but more plush, more sexist & more sonic booming.
WestAir – It’ll never get off the ground. *WestAir is a purely fictitious airline. Any resemblance to airlines past or present is purely coincidental.

WestAir Anita ManuellBig Anita ManuellOther airlines are careful not to discriminate.
At WestAir, we are proudly indiscriminate. VacancyBackdoorSafetySee mein a minuteEjectorwestair_darksideOh Joy WestAirGuidance systemPhysical EdCrewSeedyRoger Copythat ComplaintWestAirportBoard_1Board_2


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