Sink or Swim?

One rant from me on 2 fronts.

What does this really spell out for the future of Australia when the mainstream media won’t report the facts, and Australians are reluctant to support something they think doesn’t really affect them personally?

Front 1: All I heard on the radio & TV was that there was bipartisan support for Disability Care.
Attendance on such an important, humanitarian scheme: ALP 39, Lib/Nat 3
Abstention does not equal support in my book. Especially when they were directed not to attend.
Replies to the rant show some pretty lousy selfishness from some people.
Where to next, Australians?

For the whole entry which alerted me to this discrepancy, go to,71

Front 2: In this item, referenced at the end of YaThink’s above post, the media headline implies support for parental leave:
“Opposition blocks bid to be with sick baby”
Coalition to grant pair for MP Michelle Rowland to be with her sick baby

Then you read the full article to find that the Opposition had denied a pair for the Labour MP to be with her sick child. In the letter from the Opposition denying the pair, it clearly stated it is for the child of the MP – something which they denied knowledge of, thereby being the reason they denied the pair. So what about Abbott’s spruiking “support” for working women & women in general? Where’s the support in that? They capitulated eventually – did their press officers alert them as to how it all looked? Stupid.
Good Grief Charlie Brown.

Here endeth the rant. Graphic follows

Land Down Under the Sea
Land Down Under the Sea

4 thoughts on “Sink or Swim?

    1. I had a look at your cartoon, Mick, keep ’em coming, and you are absolutely right. They will throw a “blue ribbon” sheet over it.
      Have a squiz at Mick’s cartoon too, if you’re reading this.


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