Bombs Away!

At last, the product you’ve never heard of and always dreamed about!

Here at Edge of Reality Laboratories, we pride ourselves on developing the products you need to rid your life of total tools.

When you’ve tried Move On & No Contact to no avail, FOG BOMB is the answer.

Bombs Away!

Destructions for Use: Seal doors and windows so the nasties don’t escape. Disconnect communication devices. Drop the Bomb, then leave the house. NB point nozzle away from your person, do not inhale FOG. Re-enter only after considerable airing of grievances.

*Caution! Ridding yourself of fear, obligation & guilt may create highly flammable situations.
Wear protective clothing and seek professional guidance when using this product.
Ventilate area where this product has been used before re-entering. If swallowed, seek therapeutic advice.
FOG Bomb


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