Pastiche Pastilles – the flavour of the moment

I come across a great many new buildings with faked, industrial interiors (right down to fake jam jar drinking vessels.)
I’m going to assume those responsible for these knocked together, superficial styles have an addiction to Pastiche Pastilles – the flavour of the moment. They can’t help themselves. I should know. I could be charged with the same misdemeanour just for creating these pastilles! Oh, the irony of it all.

I nearly didn’t pursue the idea, it’s been on the back burner for a month. Then, on Saturday, the computer was unoccupied so I got stuck in. Once I get going, the words all arrive in my head and get distilled into the gibberish you see.

They have created quite a stir amongst my friends with comments like “Love this – that’s how I feel a lot of the time when I’m decorating houses – a fraud!!” and “Send me a box so I can leave them around the house and impress my ‘arty’ friends, especially loved the ‘retro’ pack, ‘progressing towards a post-modern past’ is a real head-spinner !!. Also ‘stripped back proletarian chic’ has a resonating emptiness that reminds me of the present state of the Labor party.” For  friends who are having some structural work done in their office and have to leave some tricky things as is, “So we have a ceiling with genuine industrial features…..certainly not pastiche…..but it’s good to leave something ugly in the comfort of knowing it’s in fashion again.”

After wading through all of that, here’s the graphic.

Flavour of the moment
Flavour of the moment

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