Get Tough!

My tongue was planted so firmly in my cheek when I made these products, I had trouble eating for some time afterwards. However, I’ve taken a dose of Harden Up and I’m pressing on.

I had feedback on these products today, and I quote: “The packaging is not butch enuff…too pastel.” and “Does it come in small packets, suitable to fit into a manbag?”

Feeling uncommonly assertive (hey, this stuff really works,) I told my critic “Obviously you are hard enuff (now, there’s a new product) and should heed the caution to Keep Out of Reach of He-men. How does one think it could be marketed to the overly soft if the packaging is so tuff, it scares them?” I asked.

Further discussion ensued following Critic’s comments:
Anonymous said they could really do with Harden Up in dart form so they can just drive by and dart the people who don’t really need an ambulance with a dose of  H’Up.
Another suggested fast acting HU in concentrated strength for the manbag packs.
‘Critic’ further suggested a spray.
Painter added: ‘pull yr socks up’ therapy pack for depressives, melancholia and other social malingerers!!

I’m now thinking about Hard Enuff  for the chronically insensitive – as a roll-on?

From the people who brought you Tough as Nails Fabric Hardener, comes Harden Up® chewable tabs. Get Tough: Inside & Out


2 thoughts on “Get Tough!

  1. Sensitive people need TU the most so butch packaging might not always work. Maybe different packaging for different groups. If you have a manbag maybe there needs to be double strength TU in the small pack, concentrated for faster effect.


  2. I completely agree that the look could scare off the person most in need. Different packaging for different groups & double strength, fast acting – good ideas Elizabeth. A whole range of tough!


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