Standing Room Only

Pan-Australian, trans-Tasmanian band, Top End Seamus & The Brian Ritchie Experience are about to release a new album, recorded live on tour.
With a working title of Standing Room Only, the album cover reveals all about their recent tour. Local liquor & pornography laws prevented the band from taking their mascot Dog Harlot along for the ride and the resultant attendance numbers at gigs made Ritchie ripe with expletives too blasphemous for print.
Cacophonous cacophonist, Feral Beryl, says their work is ritch in detail and crowded with metaphor, “It’s logarithmic, a real treat, a 5.7 on the Richter Scale or as we cows like to pun – logaRHYTHMic on the Rockstar Scale.”  “Oh, please don’t,” Beryl was heard to moo as she was escorted to the abattoir as PUNishment for her crimes against linguistics.

Album Cover Anita
click on image to enlarge

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