Commodore Westmoreland: navy man, publishing mogul

At the Office one day, someone brought up that game of taking the name of your first pet and the first street you lived in, and putting them together as your porn star name. We each had pretty good ones and then we came to John’s – Tim Westmoreland.

Tim Westmoreland? Sounds more like you’re a Navy man than a starlet.

and so The Commodore rose from the sea like Neptune, to command his Empire of Publishing, Merchandise and Sundries.

We’ll start here with his Publishing Empire. Whilst helping his pater move house, a wondrous pile of his mater’s knitting patterns was exposed. Feral Beryl’s eyes flashed with excitement – Oooh, please let me have those and I’ll knit you a raft of in-jokes and silly nonsense.

The Commodore was most obliging.

Commodore Issue 5
click on the image to enlarge

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