The Wonderful World of Penguin Electric

Living in an Heritage Listed building has its drawbacks. I wanted to install solar panels on the roof to run the lift and lights etc for the building, but we can’t because of the listing.

So I thought hang it, I’ll just turn the whole thing into a nuclear reactor running on the isotope Penguinium645.

Here is the PEC Atomic Energy Review “Gone Fission” Booklet.

I should explain that Gastrolab is in no way affiliated with the testing laboratory in Melbourne, but is indeed the much lauded Canine Super Hero of the Sacred Cows.

The PDF Monty Reactor (below) now takes no time at all to open because I’ve saved it as the smallest file size PDF possible – much better.   (click on it to open the file.)  Thanks Jim & Elizabeth for your advice on this. Below that are Jpegs of the booklet, but the type is quite small, or download the PDF to get a better image & zoom in to read the fine print.

Monty Reactor_smallest_file_size


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