“never had such a picture moved and disturbed the Australian public”

Abbott's Bluepoles No2_webI’m moved and disturbed by the picture alright.
With what’s going on in the political picture at present, it’s more disturbing than anything anyone felt when confronted by a mere painting purchase in 1973: but the furore will die down faster.

the quote was from art historian Patrick McCaughey back when the Jackson Pollock Blue Poles purchase was made by NGA.

This Looks Like a Job For MODIFICATION8

Be interesting to see just what the Planning Minister does with 3 State planning policies that will need to be changed to accommodate Modification 8, considering he also says he doesn’t want to treat this development differently to any other.
Pandora’s Box anyone?

We’re back at Barangaroo where we first brought you Packer Rabanne, then Eau Farrell. Now we really stink it up with MODIFICATION8






It’s spreading up the harbour, and best of all, we don’t even have to worry about debating this. We have no say in it.







read more here http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/commercial-marina-on-the-cards-for–cockatoo-island-20150531-ghdcxj.html

Look, up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s MODIFICATION8  Engulf & Devour “at any cost” going everywhere in the state

Anything Goes_web






Read more here:
Now the images below are not of my making. They clearly demonstrate what’s happening to water in the Hunter and I didn’t even know that before I started hunting down maps for today’s work.








and a final note; the NSW Environmental Defenders Office has asked the NSW Ombudsman to examine allegations of conflicts of interest among 2 members of the Planning Assessment Commission involved in assessing and approving coal projects.

Wipeout; New Yorkers not yet heard of Isle of Wipes solution

So I’m finally reading this morning’s paper tonight and I see that New York is being menaced by not-so-disposable wipes.
Their people are Flushing (pun intended) but they’ve missed my Bad Housekeeping tip. Pump it out NY.
Are their pollies as bad as ours or will they populate their Isle of Wipes with something else?

The wipes box says flush. New York’s sewer system says don’t.

Date  March 15, 2015
Wet wipes, long used for baby care, have grown popular with adults…The dank clusters, graying and impenetrable, gain mass like demon snowballs as they travel…create a sort of superknot. “They’re really indestructible,” said Vincent Sapienza, a deputy commissioner for the city’s Department of Environmental Protection.
Matt Flegenheimer New York Times

Isle of Wipes
Isle of Wipes